RESERVA 30 of the MEDITERRANEAN is a project designed to restore the Mediterranean to the abundant and spectacular sea it once was before the population booms of the 60s and 70s.

Achieving this ambitious goal will only be possible if we unite and bring about societal change. We are at a pivotal moment, facing the last chance to rejuvenate the Mediterranean Sea

To realize this vision, we call upon companies and corporations to align with the R30M initiative to amplify this message to the public.

We aim to leverage the influence and reach of brands and companies to propagate the message of this campaign and inspire collective action.

The Vellmari Association is a non-profit entity devoted to the conservation, research, communication, and education of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you represent a company and are interested in collaborating with us to revitalize the Mediterranean, please join us.

Collaborate with Vellmari

The R30Minitiative is made possible thanks to the support of: